“Life’s That Way: A Memoir” by Jim Beaver: Review

Actor Jim Beaver, well known for his roles in Supernatural, Deadwood, Justified etc, published a very personal and honest piece of work in the form of Life’s That Way.

Life seems good for Jim and his wife Cecily Adams, both having successful carriers and being the proud parents of little baby girl Maddie. That’s when the tragedy strikes the in the life of the young family and Cecily is diagnosed with lung cancer.
To keep friends and family informed about his wife’s condition and also as a way of dealing with everything that’s happening himself, Jim starts writing a regular e-mail newsletter. Life’s That Way is a collection of these very touching e-mails, starting in October 2007, telling everyone about Cecily’s condition and ending with an epilogue telling us how life went on for Jim and his daughter after his wife’s death.
Reading, how Jim Beaver writes about his wife and life, knowing that those little pieces of extraordinary well written literature are snap-shots of what was actually happening at this point of his life, gives the book an extremely personal touch and I think that it is hardly possible to not be affected by this family’s story.
Even though the book is definitely not some kind of self-help book to help you cope with bereavement, reading it did help me personally to deal with a recent loss in my life. Reading Jim Beaver’s story and seeing how he copes with everything and stays strong for his daughter is truly amazing and I think that he is a very inspiring person.
If you order a copy on lifesthatway.com you will actually get a copy with a personal message and a signature from Mr. Beaver himself. This little extra combined with how well and with how much emotion the book is written, makes it the most valuable book I own. And considering that Christmas season is almost upon us, I think it’d also make a marvelous Christmas present.


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